Yearly Archives: 2014

No Glory in World War I

This year there will be several events marking the centenary of the First World War.

What Obama’s spying reforms mean for New Zealand

It is hard to see how the NSA won’t retain broad powers to search the metadata, because the whole thrust of the agency has been to collect as much as possible for later searching by key words, etc. Only last week we discovered that the NSA has been collecting 200 million text messages a day from around the world.

Prospects for the Internet Party

Predicting the prospects for a party that hasn’t yet been launched is a risky business, but the Internet Party has certain things running in its favour:

The Police responsibility to put things right

Most people who’ve followed the Teina Pora case are convinced the Police mucked it up. The evidence (as outlined last year by TV3’s Third Degree and in a Maori Television documentary) makes a strong case that Teina Pora was not guilty of murdering Susan Burdett, and that his confession was false.

How the Waihopai Three beat the Crown

I thought Adrian Leason was remarkably cheerful when I chatted to him at the Waihopai protest a couple of weekends ago. As far as our Court of Appeal...

Cancelling Kiwi passports dangerous and illegal

The government has been criticised on several fronts for cancelling the passports of New Zealander’s wanting to join the rebel forces in Syria.

GCSB complicit in NSA/GCHQ spying on Kiwis

I now know that people like me accessing the WikiIeaks site were being monitored by Britain’s electronic spies in the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

Is the GCSB breaking the cyberbullying law?

The government is attempting to address cyberbullying in the Harmful Digital Communications Bill, but this action is compromised by the Government Communications Security Bureau’s complicity in the most nasty forms of cyberbullying.

Russia not alone in grabbing territory for military reasons

President Obama would have more authority to challenge President Putin over the Ukraine if the US was not involved in similar landgrabs for military and strategic purposes.