Yearly Archives: 2015

Tonga’s democracy champion becomes PM

Democrats across the Pacific will be celebrating the election of Akilisi Pohiva as Tonga’s new Prime Minister.

Free speech for everyone, from Charlie Hebdo to the jihadists

If we really believe in free speech we have to defend the right of extremists on both sides of the argument, be it the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists fostering Islamophobia or Islamic extremists propagandising for jihad.

Western hypocrisy over free speech

Rather than reconsider their military adventures in the Islamic world, the reflex Western response to terrorist incidents is to step up their own “terrorism” by increasing the number of air strikes – which is exactly what France did in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Green backing for Syriza

The growing popularity of the sensible policies of the Green Parties and broad Left formations like Syriza is making it harder for the conservative media to paint them as “extremists”, “cranks”, “far left” or “hard left”.

Barbarism and war in Iraq

Air strikes don’t make us as sick the stomach as the ISIS beheadings. Following an air strike we never see the blood-splattered bodies on the ground or hear the anguished groans of the injured. Most of the casualties of these air strikes are inevitably civilians,

NZ to assist Cuban medical programme in the Pacific

Passing beneath the radar this month was the signing of a formal agreement whereby New Zealand will assist the work of Cuban doctors in Pacific island nations. New Zealand has agreed to provide an...

Labour’s mistake on US bombing in Iraq

If Andrew Little studied the history of US bombing missions in the Middle East he would have to admit that Dunne and Norman are right.

The reasons why New Zealand’s comprehensive spying on Pacific states is wrong

There are so many reasons why it is wrong for New Zealand to engage in “full-take” surveillance of the electronic communications in the Pacific Islands, as show in documents released by Nicky Hager and Ryan Gallagher and David Fisher in this morning’s New Zealand Herald.

No public accountability for the GCSB

By Keith Locke “YOU SHOULDN’T WORRY IF YOU’VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE” is one of the mantras trotted out when New Zealanders complain about the GCSB having access to their private communications. Let’s turn that mantra around as ask those running the GCSB why the feel they have to hide from...