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Deconstructing Headlines


The success of right-wing counter messaging in the election

One of the reasons National won the election was due to its success in counter messaging – and the way so many media commentators ran with th the right-wing spin.

Electric rail comes to Auckland

It’s been a long time coming. Electrifying Auckland suburban rail has been talked about ever since Christchurch (1929-1970) and Wellington (1939 to the present) electrified their suburban rail.

Drone killings erode social constraint on using violence

The drone killing of an (unnamed) New Zealander in Yemen should prompt us to look at the ethics of this practice.

Countering the Nazi smears against Kim Dotcom

We have to defend Kim Dotcom against efforts to associate him with Nazism simply because he possesses a copy of Mein Kampf.

Russia not alone in grabbing territory for military reasons

President Obama would have more authority to challenge President Putin over the Ukraine if the US was not involved in similar landgrabs for military and strategic purposes.

Ending the killing in Syria with a political solution

Clearly, there is no military solution to Syria’s problems, only a political solution.

It’s time to end the sanctions against Iran

The real barrier to a settlement is a hard-right faction within the Washington establishment, which basically sings to the tune of the Israeli government.

Labor loses Australia, but Greens hold Melbourne

The Melbourne result showed that the Greens can do well in a seat where they are seen to have a chance of winning, and when they put in a big campaign effort – a bit like the NZ Greens did when Jeanette Fitzsimons won Coromandel in 1999.

Greens’ Senate vote may restrain an Abbott government

The Greens are running a strong campaign around the message that only by the Greens continuing to hold the balance of power in the Senate will the hard right agenda of an Tony Abbott government be restrained.