Winston’s migrant bashing won’t work: Greens

Winston Peters’ scaremongering about immigration won’t work this time around, Green Party Immigration Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

“It’s silly to talk about cutting immigration when net migration is at a very low level, only 4900 migrants in the August 2008 year – down from 8,700 from 2007 – and employers are still screaming out for skilled workers,” Mr Locke says.

“Immigration is only just replacing the outflow of Kiwis overseas. A recession is not likely to change this much. Australian pay rates are still going to be attractive to skilled New Zealanders.

“Instead of bashing migrants, Mr Peters should address the real reason some New Zealanders find it hard to get a job, and that is inadequate education and job training.

“Mr Peters again takes on an air of superiority towards migrants, patronising them with a requirement that they ‘understand our uniquely Kiwi values’.

“What about Mr Peters spending some time learning some of the ‘unique values’ and cultures of those new migrants who so enrich our nation?”