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Keith Locke’s valedictory speech

"I’ve waved Tibetan and West Papuan flags on the steps of Parliament, presented a nuke-free NZ badge to Hillary Clinton —...

Social Security Amendment Bill (No 3)

The Green Party has some criticisms of the Social Security Amendment Bill (No 3). I am speaking tonight on behalf of our spokesperson on this area, Catherine Delahunty, who is the expert.

Redundancy: correcting the injustice. Keith Locke speaks at the first reading...

The Green Party will be strongly supporting this bill, the Employment Relations (Statutory Minimum Redundancy Entitlements) Amendment Bill. If it passes, and I hope that it does, it will correct a major injustice for workers in this country: being laid off without any redundancy.

Human rights left out of Nat’s foreign policy

National’s foreign policy, announced yesterday, fails to properly address the needs of the most oppressed people in the world, the Green Party says. “Human rights don’t get a mention anywhere in the policy, despite grave violations in many countries,” Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

Winston’s migrant bashing won’t work: Greens

Winston Peters’ scaremongering about immigration won’t work this time around, Green Party Immigration Spokesperson Keith Locke says. “It’s silly to talk about cutting immigration when net migration is at a very low level, only 4900 migrants in the August 2008 year - down from 8,700 from 2007 - and employers are still screaming out for skilled workers,” Mr Locke says.

Government, not police, should make Taser decision

Green MP Keith Locke has written to the Prime Minister urging the Government, not the police, to make the decision over whether Tasers should be brought into the police armoury.

Locke jubilant at release

Green MP Keith Locke is thrilled at the news of Ali Panah's release on bail in Auckland today.

Air NZ ferrying of Australian troops to Iraq ‘appalling’

The revelations that Air New Zealand has been flying Australian combat troops across the Pacific and up to the Iraqi border is an appalling piece of misjudgement by the airline, Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Locke says.