Greens ask for ‘terror-group’ evidence

Green MP Keith Locke has written to the Prime Minister, asking her to provide the information on which the designation of Jemaah Islamiyah as a terrorist organisation was based.

“This is the first designation under the Terrorism Suppression Act and it is important that the public be provided with facts to back up that designation,” said Mr Locke.

“One of the public concerns about the Act was that designations may be based entirely on the ‘say so’ of local and foreign intelligence services.

“The Greens would like to be assured that in making this designation we are not just relying on information extracted from prisoners held in detention in Singapore, Malaysia or elsewhere.

“We are particularly concerned that the Prime Minister cites media reports as supporting the decision to designate Jemaah Islamiyah as a terrorist organisation, when those reports themselves seemed to be sourced to foreign security organisations.

“Confirming documentary evidence would be most welcome,” said Mr Locke.