NZ Must Speak Out Against Malaysian Repression


The Green Party international spokesperson, Keith Locke, has condemned the New Zealand government’s silence over the escalating repression in Malaysia.

“It’s somewhat hypocritical for Foreign Minister Don McKinnon to lecture the UN General Assembly on human rights, as he did yesterday, yet to sit on his hands when the Malaysian Prime Minister imprisons his political opponents,” said Mr Locke.

“New Zealand has a long history of friendship with the Malaysian people, but we are letting them down in their hour of need.

“Dr Matathir Mohamed shows no compunction in detaining opponents, insulting them, and breaking up any peaceful protests which ensue.

“Malaysia is rapidly becoming a dictatorship. New Zealand should not be shilly-shallying with a response.

“Don McKinnon is angling to become the next Commonwealth Secretary General. His silence on the Malaysian crackdown does not auger well for his performance in such a post,” said Mr Locke.