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Keith Locke’s valedictory speech

"I’ve waved Tibetan and West Papuan flags on the steps of Parliament, presented a nuke-free NZ badge to Hillary Clinton —...

McCully should come clean on where NZ stands on Palestine

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully needs to come clean on whether he supports the United Nations recognising Palestine as a state, Green Party foreign affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Keith questions the Minister of Defence on US/NZ role in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Bamiyan Provincial Reconstruction Team Base—United States Personnel

MPs should investigate Hager’s claims about Defence

Nicky Hager’s latest book, Other People’s Wars, should prompt a parliamentary review of our Defence and Intelligence relations with the United States, Green Party Defence Spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Sue and Keith: 12 years campaigning from Parliament

At the 2011 election, Sue Kedgley and Keith Locke, lifelong campaigners and two of our longest standing Green MPs, will be standing down after 12 years in Parliament.

Keith Locke on the Tamil asylum seekers – general debate speech

refugees starting a new life in New Zealand are highly motivated to achieve and to have their kids achieve

Key’s refugee scaremongering bad for New Zealand’s race relations

John Key’s scaremongering about boat people flooding into the country damages New Zealand’s race relations, Green Party immigration spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Sign the petition demanding an investigation into the New Zealand Government’s...

Sign an Amnesty International petition asking for an investigation into the New Zealand Government's potential involvement in torture.Sign the petition on the Amnesty International website

Keith Locke debates the responsibility of the SAS and the chain...

Our forces knew for certain that they were likely to be tortured