Greens slam ‘oral support’ for Clinton

Green Party International spokesperson Keith Locke has condemned Foreign Minister Don McKinnon for giving “oral support” to President Clinton regarding his bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan yesterday.

“Our Foreign Minister should not go down on his knees before the President, every time he unzips his arsenal to attack another country,” said Mr Locke. It might give some relief to an embattled president, whose actions are not getting whole-hearted comfort from powers traditionally close to him.

“The Green Party says sucking up to Clinton is an “inappropriate” way to strengthen the ties between our two countries. McKinnon may see it as enlarging our connection to the US, and pleasing our military leaders, who want to go all-the-way in future exercises.

“However, we think our leaders should keep their lips sealed when Clinton uncovers his missiles and demands that we express our feelings. We should not be giving oral support to the President.”

“New Zealand should act within the UN family to prevent such lone ranger thrusts. Collective, peaceful solutions to the world’s problems are better than individual conquests,” said Mr Locke.