Bombings inappropriate

The Green Party’s international spokesperson Keith Locke has described the President Clinton-ordered bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan as “inappropriate” actions.

“The excess of testosterone shown in Clinton’s personal life seems to be spilling over into the international arena,” said Mr Locke.

“A peaceful world order cannot be constructed if individual nations take lone armed action around the world.

“The US bombings are a blow to the United Nations, which should be the body to discuss any response to terrorist problems.

“By setting himself up as the judge, jury and executioner, Clinton undermines collective security and the rule of law.

“It is ironic that America recently voted against giving an International Criminal Court wide powers to try people guilty of terrorism and other crimes. The US seems to be reserving for itself the right to be the world policeman.

“The strikes are also nicely timed to divert attention from Clinton’s embarrassment in the Lewinsky affair.

“We hope the New Zealand government will not fall in behind Clinton over this assault, and instead uphold collective security through the United Nations.

“New Zealand also should push for greater efforts to remove the causes of terrorism, such as the lack of a full settlement of the Palestine problem,” said Mr Locke.