Locke gives moral support to Iraq war dissident

Green MP Keith Locke has sent a letter of support to the New Zealander and Royal Air Force doctor Malcolm Kendall-Smith, who is being court-martialled today for not going back to Iraq.

“I applaud Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith’s strong moral stance, and his willingness to challenge the legality of the continuing war in Iraq,” says Mr Locke.

“Today I sent a message to Mr Kendall-Smith wishing him success at his court-martial.”

The British and American forces in Iraq, in the Green Party’s view, have contravened UN resolutions, such as SC 1546 (2004) which required them ‘to act in accordance with international law, including obligations under international humanitarian law’.

“Clearly, the occupation forces have violated the rules of war, such as in the initial assault on Fallujah, where there were huge civilian casualties and much of the city was left in ruins,” says Mr Locke.

“Prisoners have been systematically maltreated, at Abu Ghraib prison and elsewhere, by the occupation forces and their Iraqi associates.

“I am proud of my compatriot, Flight Lieutenant Kendall-Smith, in courageously challenging the legality of the war regardless of the personal consequences.”-