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Hot News

  • Maintaining the American war machine — in the form of US Pacific Air Force’s fleet of Hercules C130 aircraft — is something that Keith Locke thinks Air New Zealand should leave well alone given what they may be used for in places like Iraq or Korea. Keith is not opposed to the current AirNZ maintenance of the US Coastguard Hercules used to service the Antartic research programme. His criticism was on the front page of the Christchurch Press on 20 January 2003. The contract is worth $210 million to Air NZ engineering services, based at Christchurch International Airport. This is right next door to the US military base that operates under the guise of Operation Deep Freeze.
  • Keith Locke called on the government to listen to the thousands of people who took to the streets of New Zealand over the weekend of January 18/19. “Helen Clark should be opposing any war on Iraq… as the leader of a country that claims to have influence on Washington she has a moral obligation to use that influence,” he said to more than 1,000 people attending the Christchurch protest. Read

    Keith’s Press Release


Hot Action

  • The antiwar movement in New Zealand is growing, with larger than ever crowds turning out for rallies on January 18. The next big global mobilisation is planned for February 15. Watch this space for what is happening where in NZ on that day — or better still, get involved in organising it now.

Hot Analysis

  • While we are all agonising over the Middle East… what exactly has been going on in North Korea? Eight years ago Jimmy Carter brokered an agreement between Washington and Pyongyang in which the US engaged to help North Korea build less dangerous nuclear reactors, to normalise relations with the DPRK, and to sign an agreement promising not to make a pre-emptive nuclear strike against North Korea. None of these things have happened — and indeed the Bush Administration has since named North Korea as one of the countries that it would consider launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike against.

    You won’t get the full story in the Murdoch media — instead go to this

    clearinghouse on North Korea

    – which is regularly updated and now includes a separate section of latest news links on the nuclear programme.

  • William Blum has been commenting critically on US foreign policy ever since he left the State Department in the 1960s. His latest book is Rogue State, which is a must-have compendium of US military terror around the globe. More of his essays and anaysis can be found on

    William Blum’s website


    Blum will be in Brisbane at the end of March, speaking at the Brisbane Social Forum — we are hoping he will be able to come to NZ for a quick speaking tour as well. Watch this space… but meanwhile, catch up on his excellent analysis.