Locke calls in Inspector-General

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security must look into the recent high profile cases involving the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service and its vetting procedures, Green Party Defence spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Mr Locke has today written to the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Paul Neazor, asking him to investigate the SIS’s vetting of the Defence Technology Agency Director Stephen Wilce.

“The checks on Mr Wilce appear to have been inadequate, which is alarming for such a high security Defence position,” said Mr Locke.

“I have asked the Inspector General, to investigate the vetting procedures in this case, because it might indicate a systemic failure within the SIS.

“My request does not exclude other inquiries, such as one by the Intelligence and Security Committee, or a more public one, as might be advised by the State Services Commission.

“From the outside, it looks as if the SIS needs to rebalance the use of its resources,” said Mr Locke

“The SIS may need to focus more on people working in jobs requiring top level security rather than monitoring home-grown political activists.

“Defence Force employment procedures should also be properly scrutinized,” said Mr Locke.