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My conversation with Tevita Mara

This morning I had a good talk with Tevita Mara, the Fijian colonel who split from Bainimarama, about how to speed up the return to democracy to Fiji.

The Libyan mess

In March the Greens came out in opposition to the NATO air operations over Libya. We said they would probably prolong Gaddafi’s stay in power by Read More

Booksellers should defend freedom of expression

As a former bookseller I have been disturbed that some booksellers (Paper Plus and the Warehouse) have been panicked by a Facebook campaign into refusing Read More

What Taliban hotel attack says about NZ military involvement

It will be a difficult time for the families of NZSAS soldiers injured in Afghanistan and my sympathy goes out to them as they wait Read More

Laid-off defence staff need special consideration

The Defence Force has put an overly positive spin on the laying off of 308 members of the armed forces whose jobs are being “civilianized”. Read More

Taxi chats could be dangerous

After a long week in Parliament I often have a pleasant chat with the taxi driver taking me to the airport. So I was disturbed Read More

Auckland Burmese celebrate democracy leader’s 66th birthday

Yesterday I spoke at an Auckland celebration of the 66th birthday of Burmese democracy leader (and Nobel Peace Prize winner) Aung San Suu Kyi. She Read More

Campaign for Fiji democracy throws up unlikely bedfellows

New Zealanders who support a return to democracy in Fiji are divided whether Tevita Mara, a former Fiji army chief, now a critic of the Read More

Dalai Lama raises spirits in Christchurch

Realising Cantabrians could do with a moral boost the Dalai Lama altered his schedule and fitted in a talk in Christchurch before his Australian tour. Read More