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MPs stunned after seeing “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”

With some trepidation I helped organise a showing of “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” in the Beehive Theatrette last Tuesday.  It is a shocking film, mainly Read More

Paul Reeves the peacemaker

Sir Paul Reeves is rightly being remembered for his wide-ranging contribution to New Zealand society. I wish to remember him as one of our foremost Read More

British riots: addressing the “why”

David Cameron’s answer to the British riots seems to be better policing. No doubt there could be improvements, but they shouldn’t be measures that hurt Read More

Parliament condemns killings in Syria

Yesterday I moved a motion in Parliament on Syria, which was passed unanimously. It read: “That this House condemn the shooting of peaceful demonstrators in Read More

Breakdown of Burmese ceasefire

On Wednesday, Wellington’s Kachin community arrived in Parliament grounds to protest the increasing violence happening in their home province. Kachin state is the Northern most state Read More

Blair: Politician for the rich

While many New Zealanders are struggling to make ends meet, others could afford a hefty $1000 to hear (and be photographed with) the former British Read More

Norway massacre: Key points finger in wrong direction

I almost fell of my chair when I heard John Key use the Norway massacre to justify New Zealand’s military involvement in Afghanistan. He said Read More

Israeli SAR leader had worked in intelligence

One bit of information that hasn't come out yet is that Hilik Magnus, who led the private Israeli search and rescue team which arrived in Christchurch shortly after the February 22 quake had previously worked for Israeli intelligence.

More information needed on spy story

It’s good that the PM finally backed down on his position that he couldn’t say anything about whether Mossad spies had been operating in New Read More