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UN condemns attacks on Gaza

I welcome the report of the UN mission led by Richard Goldstone, presented yesterday to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The 574 page Read More

Unlock the camps

“Unlock the Camps” has been the call of Sri Lankan Tamils on demonstrations I attended in Auckland and Wellington recently. It is horrendous that 300,000 Tamils are still detained in camps in northern Sri Lanka. The response of the world community has been pathetic, given the scale of suffering.

NZ must take a stand on human rights abuse in Iran

All eyes were on Iran during its presidential elections on June 12. The re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was seen as fraudulent by many, and set Read More

“No Limits” to civilian suffering in US bombing

Images courtesy of Radio Live ***** The three Kiwi soldiers in Afghanistan might have seen it as a bit of harmless fun. To help a Read More

Hard-hearted immigration policy does NZ reputation damage

I’m glad New Zealand Immigration has cancelled its edict that a Lithuanian visitor, Jurga Skiauteris, must hop on a plane, despite medical advice that she Read More

Bain verdict time for sober reflection

It’s good that the Police have said they will learn from the Bain case if there is any thing they could have done better.   Read More

Sex Bomb, Sex bomb

Just in case anyone thinks the Greens were letting some hard core sex offenders run riot by voting against yesterday’s sex offender law amendment, here Read More