“No Limits” to civilian suffering in US bombing

Image courtesy of Radio Live2

Images courtesy of Radio Live


The three Kiwi soldiers in Afghanistan might have seen it as a bit of harmless fun. To help a drink promotion they slapped a

Demon sticker

reading “No Limits, No Laws” on a 2000 lb bomb attached to the undercarriage of a [presumably] American plane at [presumably] Bagram airbase. The NZ Defence Force has logistics liaison personnel at Bagram.

All very funny, except that Bagram base is notorious for torturing Afghan prisoners under a “No Limits, No Laws” principle. In fact, American soldiers tortured several Afghans to death. This is now being looked in to.

Some of the prisoners mistreated at Bagram may have come from

an earlier Kiwi SAS contingent

. It is known that in 2002 our SAS handed over to the American forces 70 prisoners, without any follow-up about what happened to them.

It’s true that the treatment of prisoners might have improved under Obama, but I haven’t yet seen that Bagram prison has been given a clean bill of health.

Also, Bagram has been the launch-pad for many American airstrikes criticised even by

the UN Secretary General for killing too many civilians


Wedding parties and the like have been bombed. The Americans have operated their air war on a “No [Geneva] Laws” principle regarding “collateral” civilian damage”.

We now hear that American strategy has changed, and they are engaged more in “surgical” air strikes. Funny then how they are still using 2000 pound bombs. It doesn’t sound very surgical.

Image Courtesy of Radio Live