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Mapp’s reassurances on torture fall short

It’s not good enough for Defence Minister Wayne Mapp to say he has “no information” that any of the 58 people arrested on the SAS’s Read More

Palmer Panel soft on Israel’s flotilla raid

It was seen as a feather in New Zealand’s cap when former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer was appointed to head the UN Secretary-General’s Panel Read More

Is Waihopai helping the US spy on the UN?

The latest Wikileaks documents on US spying on the UN are going to make it harder for our government to justify the Waihopai spy station. Read More

OAG’s report on defence fraud

The Auditor-General has come out with a very disturbing report on the NZ Defence Forces defrauding the United Nations over accommodation payments for NZDF seconded Read More

Bring the SAS home

When John Key was in Afghanistan he flew a kite about extending the SAS mission there beyond the middle of next year. He’d be wise Read More

“No Limits” to civilian suffering in US bombing

Images courtesy of Radio Live ***** The three Kiwi soldiers in Afghanistan might have seen it as a bit of harmless fun. To help a Read More