Public transport boost great news for Auckland

Auckland-based Green MP Keith Locke has praised the Auckland Regional Land Transport Committee for putting $3.8 billion into public transport in its 10-year plan.

“Our city’s priority should be to complete a modern rail network, not a motorway network,” said Mr Locke, the Greens’ Auckland Transport Spokesperson.

“In 10 to 15 years’ time, Aucklanders won’t be looking for a new motorway to drive along. World oil prices will be so high that we’ll all think twice about taking our car on a long journey. Instead, we’ll be desperate for cheap and quick public transport alternatives.

“The priority along the southwestern corridor from Hillsborough to Avondale is not another motorway but the rail link that was on Auckland’s regional plans long before State Highway 20 was even thought of.

“First, we should complete the long-projected rail line from Southdown to Avondale, and then check whether we still need a full motorway link alongside it. In the present plans, the corridor allows for both a rail line and motorway.

“The Southdown-Avondale link can also have a connection over the Mangere bridge, allowing commuters quick access to the airport from both the north and the west.

“Unfortunately, the road lobby dinosaurs are still blind to both the impending oil price rises, and the public transport needs of Aucklanders.”