Give Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower a Kiwi Passport

A passport from nuclear-free New Zealand would offer Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu the path to freedom that he deserves, Green MP Keith Locke says.

Mr Locke wants the New Zealand Government to offer Mr Vanunu a passport in recognition of his continued persecution for exposing Israel’s nuclear weapons programme 18 years ago.

“We tell the Israeli authorities we were dead against them getting fraudulent passports, but Mr Vanunu is one prominent Israeli who does deserve,” Mr Locke, the party’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson says.

“Mr Vanunu is still being persecuted for exposing Israel’s production of nuclear weapons. Last week he was charged with breaching a gag order preventing him from speaking to foreign journalists or trying to leave Israel.

“This is after he has served 18 years in jail, much of it in solitary confinement.

“Now he is out of jail, Mr Vanunu is denied his right to free speech as a citizen, and wants to leave Israel.

“A New Zealand passport might be his path to freedom. There would be great symbolism in nuclear-free New Zealand granting Mr Vanunu such a passport. This humanitarian act would be hailed by all those opposed to the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

“At the very least, if The New Zealand Government can not or will not give Mr Vanunu a passport, it should offer him residency here.

“By still campaigning against Israel’s bomb after suffering for so long in jail Mr Vanunu has shown he has the moral character to be a good New Zealander,” Mr Locke says.