NZ Govt caught over Bainimarama’s support for China

Green Party MP Keith Locke wants the Government to criticise the Fiji Government’s support for the Chinese actions in Tibet.

The Fiji Prime Minister’s secretary Parmesh Chand confirmed today that a letter of support had been sent to the Chinese Government.

“We should not let the Fiji coup leader’s support for Chinese crackdown in Tibet go unchallenged,” said Mr Locke, the Green Party’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson.

“It’s bad enough that Mr Bainimarama has trampled on democracy in Fiji, without supporting the Beijing’s suppression of Tibetan rights.

“It would be sad if New Zealand lets this matter pass without comment, perhaps in fear of offending the Chinese Government with a free trade agreement just around the corner.

“China might get backing from dictators in other countries. But this makes it even more important for the world’s democracies to make clear their support for the Tibetan people and the Chinese democracy movement.

“What we say can have impact, because China doesn’t want to be too embarrassed in the lead up to the Olympics.”