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Keith Locke’s valedictory speech

"I’ve waved Tibetan and West Papuan flags on the steps of Parliament, presented a nuke-free NZ badge to Hillary Clinton —...

Keith Locke on the Land Transport (Road Safety and Other Matters)...

KEITH LOCKE (Green): Just following on from the last speaker, the Green Party supports much b

The NZ Transport Agency – Keith speaks at the Debate on...

The New Zealand Transport Agency, in many ways, has done a good job, but it is handicapped. Firstly, the Government sets very strong policy guidelines, particularly from the Minister of Transport, Steven Joyce, who lay down the seven roads of national significance that the New Zealand Transport Agency then had to fund.

Council thwarting cost-effective bike hire option

Auckland’s main bike hire operator provides a valuable and cost effective transport service, which Auckland City Council should support,” said Green Party Auckland Transport spokesperson Keith Locke today. Nextbike is being forced to cull its fleet to comply with a city council resource consent about where bicycles can be parked. “It is absurd that Auckland City is forcing Nextbike to reduce the number of bikes available,” said Mr Locke. “Fewer bikes means fewer options for people getting around Auckland.

Waterview decision shows funding priorities back to front

While the powerful road transport lobby will welcome today’s announcement of a $1.4 billion mixed surface and tunnel option for the Waterview motorway connection, Waterview School pupils, parents and other residents will be much less happy as many homes, parks and archaeological sites are under threat. Building ever more motorways is a 1950s solution that doesn’t recognise modern problems like climate change and rising petrol prices

Decent rail or Loads of Roads?

Starvation rations for the rail network and supersized meals for the city’s roading network are on the menu for Aucklanders.

Locke questions the government on the lack of progress in the...

4. KEITH LOCKE (Green) to the Minister of Transport: Is he confident that at least part of Aucklands electric rail system will be rolling in time to help move the 75,000 international visitors and countless Kiwi fans expected for the 2011 Rugby World Cup? House of Representatives, 25 August 2009.

Russel Norman: Question on Auckland Transport

What Auckland public transport projects will be delayed as a result of the Government’s transport funding announcements last week?  Russel Norman and Keith Locke question the wisdom of the Government's recent announcements to take away funding certainty for Auckland's planned public transport improvements.