Keith Locke and Rod Donald express support for Waihopai Protest

We send you our full support for the protest against the presence of the Waihopai spy station in New Zealand. We have both participated in the protests at Waihopai over recent years, but unfortunately we are committed to attending a Green Party conference in Masterton this weekend. We know that some Green members will be at Waihopai, and will speak for us and represent the party well.

However, Rod Donald, is providing “logistical support” for your protest, namely one tent, which we think is a counterpoint to the “logistical support” Helen Clark is talking about providing the US, if twists the Security Council into endorsing an invasion of Iraq.

We have been arguing for the closure of Waihopai in Parliament and opposing legislation currently in the House which would strengthen the hand of the Government Communications Security Bureau: namely the Crimes Amendment Bill (No 6), the Government Communications Security Bureau Bill, and the Telecommunications Bill.

We hope this protest will bring home to more New Zealanders how Waihopai is being used by the Bush administration in its global adventures, and its attacks on civil liberties.

We recently read a US Congressional report that claimed that New Zealand’s two contributions to the war in Afghanistan were the SAS and the “Waihopai monitoring station”.

Clearly Waihopai, as part of the NSA-controlled Echelon network, would also assist in any American-led war on Iraq, regardless of whether the New Zealand supported the war.

Close down Waihopai. It undermines our sovereignty, serving instead the agenda of the Bush administration. It is also a major threat to the privacy of our citizens and those of other nations.

Best wishes,

Keith Locke and Rod Donald