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  • The Greens are calling on the New Zealand government to push strongly for the United Nations, not the United States, to take charge of Iraqi reconstruction. On April 10 Keith Locke said that NZ could lead the way by offering its expertise in post-war reconstruction. Read

    Keith’s release

  • ”It is sadly ironic that the thin-skinned regime in the White House has taken umbrage over a quite harmless observation at a time when it is in breach of the UN Charter and international law, through its invasion and devastation of Iraq” said Keith Locke on 9 April. He was sticking up for the Prime Minister’s right to state an opinion that most New Zealanders would agree with – that a different US administration would not have launched a full-scale invasion of Iraq. Read

    Keith’s release


Hot Action

  • MAKE A STATEMENT on line. To sign up to the ”Not In Our Name” pledge go to the

    Not In Our Name site

    ; to view and sign the

    ”We Stand for Peace and Justice” statement

  • MARCH in AUCKLAND on Saturday April 12. Part of an International Day of Action Against the War. Gather at 12 noon at Western Park, cnr Ponsonby Rd and Hopetoun St. More details are available at

    Global Peace and Justice Auckland

  • MARCH in WELLINGTON on Saturday April 12. Gather at 12 noon in Civic Square, march to surround the Defence Headquarters (Stout Street), then a rally at Parliament. Australian forces. Organised by Peace Action Wellington, tel (04) 382 8129 or



    hotmail [dot] com

    >email Peace Action Wellington

  • PEACE FLOTILLA in CHRISTCHURCH, on Saturday 12 April on the Avon River ‘Bring back the frigate’ flotilla, meet 11am, corner of Montreal St and Oxford Tce, to set sail to the Town Hall. Boats, rafts, kayaks as well as shore support is needed! Part of the International Day of Action, organised by Peace Action Network Direct Action, for more info contact



    caverock [dot] net [dot] nz

    >email PANDA

  • VIGIL in CHRISTCHURCH on Sunday April 13. 6 – 7 p.m., Cathedral Steps, Cathedral Square. Bring a candle and windshield. A silent vigil – when the clock strikes 7 p.m. everyone will join hands.
  • FUNDRAISING LUNCH in AUCKLAND, Sunday 13 April – a luncheon of Middle Eastern food to raise funds for medicines for Iraq, the funding is being sent with some Iraqi doctors who are returning to Iraq shortly to help with the impacts of war on the people of Iraq. From 12 noon to 2pm, at the Unitec Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (entry through Gate 3 to Building No 170, staff cafeteria); entry fee $20, payable at the door. Organised by Home and Family Society New Migrants’ group, for more info please contact Mary Gray at Home and Family Society tel (09) 630 8961 or

    mary [dot] gray


    homeandfamily [dot] org [dot] nz

    >email Mary

    . If you are unable to attend and would like to make a donation instead, please send it to Home and Family Society, Box 67 120, Auckland, or drop it into 344 Mt Eden Rd. Please indicate your donation is for Iraq and it will be passed on.
  • DONATE – donations to provide humanitarian aid for the children of Iraq can be sent to Save the Children Children of Iraq Emergency Appeal, Box 6584, Marion Square, Wellington; or UNICEF New Zealand Appeal, Box 10-978, Wellington www.unicef.org.nz.

Hot Analysis

  • FILMS to see in WELLINGTON this week and next.


      Whether Noam Chomsky, the linguist and political philosopher, is “the most important intellectual alive,” as the New York Times once famously called him, is open for debate. But without a doubt, Chomsky, now 73, is one of the most straight-talking and committed dissidents of our time. A long time critic of United States foreign policy, his public profile took a quantum leap after the terrorist attacks of September 11. In the months that followed, he gave dozens of talks on four continents, conducted scores of interviews, and published a book – 9-11 – that became a surprise bestseller all over the world. Power And Terror, a Japanese production, directed by American John Junkerman, presents the latest in Chomsky’s thinking, through a lengthy interview and a series of public talks that he gave in New York and California during the spring of 2002. “A lively introduction to the highly articulate political dissident. For those who know Chomsky’s work, the documentary offers a glimpse of the tireless passion, patience and openness of the man behind the words.” – Variety

      POWER AND TERROR will be screened at the Paramount Theatre, Wellington, on Sat 12 April at 4:15pm, Sun 13 April at 12:15pm, Mon 14 April at 4:15pm, Tue 15

      April at 6:30pm



      “Eugene Jarecki’s documentary takes a hard-line, left-of-center look at the moral doings of Henry Kissinger. In light of the trials of such official rogues as Slobodan Milosevic, this BBC production feels it’s high time to be morally even-handed. The film casts (or exposes, depending on your political choice of language) him as power player, kingmaker, agent of collusion, Zen manipulator (and Nobel Peace Prize winner, to boot) behind many significant events of the 20th century: the initial failure of the Vietnam War peace talks (due in part, the film maintains, to Kissinger’s personal political agenda), the secret bombing of Cambodia, the military coup of Salvador Allende in Chile and the Indonesian invasion of East Timor. And no matter what your view on the actions of this American statesman – interviewed reporters Seymour M. Hersh and Christopher Hitchens (who wrote “The Trial of Henry Kissinger”) condemn him unequivocally as a murderous, lying criminal – it makes compelling, provocative and prescient viewing. You can draw your own conclusions.” – Desson Howe, The Washington Post

      THE TRIALS OF HENRY KISSINGER will be screened at the Paramount, Wellington on Sat 19 April at 12:30pm, Sun 20 April at 6:30pm, Mon 21 April at 4:15pm

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