Greens welcome Mt Roskill highway review

Green MP Keith Locke has welcomed the review of the Mt Roskill extension of State Highway 20 against the new transport objectives set out in the New Zealand Transport Strategy.

“There are serious questions as to whether the extension of SH20 does meet the requirements in the strategy for environmental sustainability, protecting public health, improving mobility and assisting economic development,” said Mr Locke, the Green spokesperson for Auckland Transport.

“Even Transit’s figures show the extension will encourage more people to get into their cars and further congest feeder roads to SH20, such as Hillsborough Road and Dominion Road.

“For example, there could be a case to proceed first with the rail connection from Southdown to Avondale, through Mt Roskill.

“There has been much controversy over the environmental damage the motorway would cause, particularly to the Mt Roskill volcano.

“Some local residents are complaining that the motorway will cause more problems than it would solve,” said Mr Locke.

Mr Locke said the New Zealand Transport Strategy, developed jointly between the Government and the Green Party, offered a chance for planned highway projects, including State Highway 20, to be reviewed before they proceed.

“We hope the review process will mean that public concerns in these areas are taken into account in any decision on whether to proceed with this motorway extension,” said Mr Locke.