Greens welcome an Auckland air freshener

Auckland Green MP Keith Locke has welcomed plans to introduce emission testing with Warrants of Fitness.

The Government has announced a raft of policies, developed in co-operation with the Greens, to regulate vehicle emissions and to educate the public about air pollution.

“It’s something Aucklanders have been dying for – literally,” said Mr Locke, the Green Party’s associate transport spokesperson. “Most of the people dying prematurely from vehicle pollution are Aucklanders — an estimated 250 every year from a national total of 400.

“The city regularly has carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide levels well above World Health Organisation standards. During rush hours some areas, like Khyber Pass, are shockingly polluted.

“The new policy will build on the good work already being done in the region,” said Mr Locke. “The Auckland Regional Council has led the way with its 0800-Smokey educational campaign and its lobbying for emissions testing. Waitakere City also deserves praise for conducting emissions testing and providing discounts for fixing exhaust problems.”