Still a sign of the times

Green MP Keith Locke is disturbed at Wellington City Council plans to remove the capital’s peace sign from the route to Wellington airport.

The council has indicated it wants to replace “Welcome to Wellington, a nuclear-free city” with what it terms a “more appropriate” sign.

“Most New Zealanders are proud to tell the world we are nuclear-free,” said Mr Locke, the Green Party Disarmament spokesperson

“It has always given me a warm feeling, on my way in from the airport to see Wellington boldly proclaiming itself ‘nuclear free’.

“It’s an unfortunate fact that we are still a long way from ridding the world of nuclear weapons and so it is important that New Zealand stays out front as a champion of disarmament.

“The world respects our role,” said Keith Locke. “It is ironic that the debate over the sign erupted in Wellington on the day former Prime Minister David Lange was awarded a prestigious Right Livelihood Award in Sweden ‘for his steadfast work over many years for a world free of nuclear weapons.'”

Wellington MP and former city councillor, Sue Kedgley said Wellingtonians are proud to be nuclear-free and it is petty, churlish and out-of-touch for the council to seek to remove the sign.