Greens Support Clark Against The Bombing

The Green Party has backed Labour leader Helen Clark’s criticism of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

“The air attack has been counter-productive,” said Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke.

“It has only encouraged Serb extremism. The real losers have been Kosovo’s Albanians, who are now fleeing before the “ethnic cleansers”.

“There is no way bombing can stop Milosevic’s killers, who only need small arms to terrorise a largely defenceless population.

“New Zealand should stop being a cheerleader for NATO. We have an international responsibility to push for new negotiations, most crucially involving the Russians.

“The UN, sidelined by NATO, should be brought back into the picture. The UN facilitated last year’s Kosovo ceasefire, and the introduction of OSCE observers.

“It will not be easy to re-establish trust between the Serb and Albanian communities in Kosovo. But it is more likely to happen through UN peacemaking than NATO air raids,” said Mr Locke.