Greens disappointed at council rejection of harbour bridge cycleway

Green Party MP Keith Locke is disappointed that Auckland City’s transport committee today voted against a walkway and cycleway over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

“It is a victory for narrow, conservative thinking,” Mr Locke, the Party’s Spokesperson on Auckland Transport Issues, says.

“The walkway and cycleway would be a wonderful asset for Auckland, for commuting and recreation, and as a magnet for tourists.

“Unfortunately, the pessimists won out today,” Mr Locke says.

“They should have been more optimistic about how many people would use this iconic new facility – particularly as car travel becomes more difficult with the rising price of petrol.

“The Auckland councillors shouldn’t have got their knickers in a twist over the cost, which won’t come out of Auckland City Council coffers anyhow. The New Zealand Transport Agency would be responsible for funding such a project – which at $23.8 million to $42.7 million is much more value for money than many of its planned motorways.

“The council’s thumbs down does not mean we’re at the end of the road – or should I say walkway/cycleway.

“The other agencies involved – North Shore City, the ARC, the Auckland Regional Transport Authority, and the New Zealand Transport Agency – have yet to come out with their views on this important project.

“Auckland City has jumped the gun, putting the issue to a vote before a joint agencies’ report on the project has been published.”