Auckland Greens support carpooling and the bus drivers

The Greens are taking the carpooling message on to Auckland’s roads tomorrow morning, displaying three banners promoting the

website at strategic points around the city.

“Commuters should be more open to carpooling after the extra congestion during the week of the bus strike,” said Green MP Keith Locke, the Party’s Auckland Transport Spokesperson.

“Of course, we are not trying to discourage people from using buses, but for some people car pooling is a good option. It is positive for the environment and human health because it reduces exhaust emissions and carpooling commuters save on petrol costs and enjoy a pleasant conversation on the way to and from work.”

Mr Locke also praised the Auckland bus drivers for their determination to achieve a decent wage.

“I hope Stagecoach sees the justice of the drivers’ claim. They do deserve to get $16 an hour and have better shift arrangements. There are not many jobs as pressured and responsible as bus driving. They have to be expert and safe drivers to cope with Auckland’s traffic and cash till operators, not to mention social workers when dealing with difficult passengers. Good, relaxed, properly paid bus drivers will help increase patronage of Auckland’s public transport,” said Mr Locke.