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A fairer electoral system would have helped UK Labour to power

UK Labour did fantastically well in Thursday’s general election, despite Jeremy Corbyn being painted as an “unelectable” leftist by the media commentariat – and even by most of his Labour colleagues. Labour’s advance was not really a surprise. As I wrote in my Daily Blog post a year and a half ago, Corbyn’s “Keynesian policies are considerably more popular than the austerity championed by Cameron and the Labour right.”

Dirty tricks against Corbyn not working

Corbyn’s opponents have tried every trick in the book to dent the Labour leader’s support.

The bright side of the UK election result

It’s bad news that the British Conservatives will be ruling for another five years. But the good news is that the parties campaigning on the strongest left platforms, the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Greens, both picked up a lot more votes.