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Government bombs out over Rakon

The government's green light to Rakon' export of military grade oscillators sets a dangerous precedent for how to deal with dual use products, Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Locke s

China must be given a human rights message, say Greens

"Prime Minister Helen Clark should raise New Zealand's concerns with China's human rights record when she meets Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during his visit here this week.

Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Bill

KEITH LOCKE (Green): The Green Party will be opposing the legislation, because we oppose the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, which this legislation is implementing.

Greens want Zespri CEO to stand aside till investigation ends

Green Party MP Keith Locke has called on Zespri CEO Tim Goodacre to stand aside for now and save the company from being caught in fallout from the Australian Wheat Board oil-for-food kickback scandal.

Stop NZ taxpayer-subsidised technology being used in bombs

New checking mechanisms are needed to prevent New Zealand companies from exporting technology that ends up being used by military forces in unjust wars, Green Defence and Disarmament Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

PM shouldn’t sign away our right to criticise human rights abusers

The Greens are warning the Prime Minister against signing a non-interference pact with ASEAN, because it would inhibit New Zealand's ability to stand up publicly to human rights violators.

Maritime Security Bill – Third Reading

The Green Party will support this bill, although it has serious concerns about how the legislation might be applied in practice in an exaggerated way, compared with the needs of the actual security si

Maritime Security Bill – Second Reading

The Green Party will be supporting this bill, but with qualifications. Of course, we do not complain about a more systematic approach to wharf and ship security. That is very clearly useful.

Crimes and Misconduct (Overseas Operations) Bill

I rise on behalf of the Green Party to support this bill. We support the commitment to the Solomons.