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Border Security Bill – First Reading

The Border Security Bill causes the Greens serious concern, but we will be supporting it to the select committee stage. For a start, we should be up front about why this bill is before us.

What cost free trade?

Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Keith Locke has congratulated National's Lockwood Smith on reaching the same conclusion as the Greens: a Free Trade deal with the United States can only be bought by going to war.

Greens stay staunch over Singapore free trade agreement

The Greens will strongly oppose the Singapore free trade agreement in Parliament today, with a speech from MP Keith Locke detailing consequences of such a deal.

Protest Rights at the APEC Summit

11 March 1999

JustTrade Campaign

The Green Party believes that fair, safe and environmentally sustainable trade has an important role to play in improving our standard of living and our quality of life.

The Geopolitics of Oil

A public talk by Keith Locke Green MP on the repercussions for New Zealand of the Mid-Eastern oil conflicts.

Repression is not an Olympic Sport – Action outside Parliament

Action outside of Parliament tomorrow, 1pm, to highlight human rights abuses in China in the lead up to the Olympics. It marks the first day of Ni Yulan's trial. Ni Yulan is a vocal critic of the Chinese government and will appear in court for defending the rights of displaced people in Beijing.