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Keith Locke during the urgent debate on Auckland transport and the...

It is tragic right now when there is 35 times more being spent on roading in the current Budget than on public transport infrastructure. That is a disgrace.

ASEAN Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area Bill – second reading

KEITH LOCKE (Green): The Green Party will be voting against this bill. I thank other members for their comments.

Human rights left out of Nat’s foreign policy

National’s foreign policy, announced yesterday, fails to properly address the needs of the most oppressed people in the world, the Green Party says. “Human rights don’t get a mention anywhere in the policy, despite grave violations in many countries,” Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

Are Chinese spies monitoring Fonterra and New Zealanders?

New Zealanders will be disturbed to learn that China has been conducting a massive spying operation on the online phone service Skype, and that one of the trigger phrases is ‘milk powder’, Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

NZ/China Free Trade Agreement Bill and Human Rights

Our view is that if enough pressure goes on the Chinese government during the Olympic period we might be able to give some extra leverage to the many millions of Chinese trying to achieve greater freedoms. This Bill, going through at this time, is a betrayal of the international movement pressing for greater democracy in China.

Government FTA stance falls short on Tibetan rights

Green Party MP Keith Locke said the Prime Ministers' post-Cabinet statement is letting down the Tibetan people and selling short the people of New Zealand.

Government commits to putting FTA to parliamentary vote

Green Party MP Keith Locke has welcomed the Government's commitment in the House today to put the free trade agreement with China, to be signed in April, to a Parliamentary vote.

Human Rights are NOT for Sale

Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke and Chinese dissident Chen Yonglin will be among speakers at a rally being held at Parliament on Thursday the 19th of July.

Dalai Lama – Government Welcome

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