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Succession rules a right royal mess

It’s good that John Key, on TVNZ’s Breakfast programme, committed New Zealand to changing royal succession rules that discriminate against a female heir. British Deputy Read More

Challenging global military spending

  The Global Day of Action Against Military Spending is being marked today, April 12th. Last year the world military budget was US$1,630 billion, with Read More

It’s only a song, Simon

National MP Simon Bridges says he hopes “we never see Tiki Taane in Tauranga again.” This was after the award-winning singer was arrested while performing Read More

Libyans join hands with the people of Christchurch

At lunchtime today I joined a group of Libyans in Wellington’s Midland Park. They were calling for an end to the cruel Gaddafi regime.   Read More

The people of the Middle East need our support

Since Mubarak fell the pro-democracy protests in other Arab countries have mushroomed. In Libya people are braving the bullets of Gaddafi’s thugs. Many have been Read More

Wikileaks gives impetus to Waihopai protest

It was good to be part of the protest outside the Waihopai spybase on Saturday. It is a bit out of the way, so the Read More

Cyberwarfare a dangerous path

I see that “cybersecurity” one of the agenda items in this week’s tete-a-tete between Foreign Minister Murray McCully, Defence Minister Wayne Mapp and their UK Read More

Iraqi Christians rally against violence

 One of the legacies of the US-led invasion of Iraq has been sectarian violence it unleashed, not only between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, but also Read More

Hobbit fallout mustn’t affect workers’ rights

The dispute over the Hobbit shouldn’t be used to attack workers' rights. Earlier this morning Gerry Brownlee spoke about ‘clarifying’ employment laws.