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Citizen engagement at Occupy Auckland

I got a buzz out of visiting the Occupy Auckland camp again this sunny afternoon. Seventy tents have mushroomed on the grass in Aotea Square  Read More

Retrospective surveillance laws shouldn’t be rammed through Parliament

We should be very worried that the government intends to rush legislation through Parliament next week that could restrict New Zealanders’ ability, under the Bill Read More

Palmer Panel soft on Israel’s flotilla raid

It was seen as a feather in New Zealand’s cap when former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer was appointed to head the UN Secretary-General’s Panel Read More

Mayoral backing for Auckland Harbour Bridge Walkway/Cycleway

It looks like there may be a breakthrough in the years long campaign for a bikeway/cycleway over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Yesterday I attended the Read More

MPs stunned after seeing “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”

With some trepidation I helped organise a showing of “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” in the Beehive Theatrette last Tuesday.  It is a shocking film, mainly Read More

British riots: addressing the “why”

David Cameron’s answer to the British riots seems to be better policing. No doubt there could be improvements, but they shouldn’t be measures that hurt Read More

Parliament condemns killings in Syria

Yesterday I moved a motion in Parliament on Syria, which was passed unanimously. It read: “That this House condemn the shooting of peaceful demonstrators in Read More

Breakdown of Burmese ceasefire

On Wednesday, Wellington’s Kachin community arrived in Parliament grounds to protest the increasing violence happening in their home province. Kachin state is the Northern most state Read More

Blair: Politician for the rich

While many New Zealanders are struggling to make ends meet, others could afford a hefty $1000 to hear (and be photographed with) the former British Read More