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Police take a year to disclose secret search of activists’ home

The use of this provision against political activists does sound alarm bells.

As with Corbyn, the establishment underestimated Sanders

The US political establishment is a little less cocky now that Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls. The latest polls show him ahead in the New Hampshire primary race and the Iowa caucuses.

Sanders campaign over the first big hurdle

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the US President is well and truly launched. The media are now treating him as a serious challenger after he held Hillary Clinton to a draw in Iowa yesterday.

Why the attacks on Bernie aren’t working

Confusion reigns in the Clinton camp after Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary in New Hampshire, 60% to 38%.

Mixed message from Nevada, but Sanders campaign still has the momentum

Sanders has been expanding his national vote, from around 30% (averaging the main polls) at the beginning of the year to 42% now. As he goes along he is sweeping thousands of young people into his campaign team.

Odd alignments in the flag debate

Two years ago I welcomed John Key’s promise to hold a flag referendum. At last we could get rid of the Union Jack from our flag and have one that didn’t look like Australia’s. Many on the left had long argued for a flag change and now we had some significant support from the right.

Clinton sweeps the south, but Sanders still has momentum in the north

After Hillary Clinton won so big in the South, Bernie Sanders faces an uphill struggle for the nomination.

Why the pundits got it wrong in Michigan

The mainstream media pundits just don’t get it. They don’t get it that the Bernie Sanders campaign has never been about “politics as usual”. Rather, it is “the politics of the unusual”.

Cullen and Reddy don’t make a convincing case for the spy agencies

The best way out of this confict of interest is for the government’s cybersecurity unit to be independent of the GCSB and any relevant GCSB personnel and equipment to be transferred to the new unit.