Yearly Archives: 2011

Cyberwarfare a dangerous path

I see that “cybersecurity” one of the agenda items in this week’s tete-a-tete between Foreign Minister Murray McCully, Defence Minister Wayne Mapp and their UK Read More

Wikileaks gives impetus to Waihopai protest

It was good to be part of the protest outside the Waihopai spybase on Saturday. It is a bit out of the way, so the Read More

Locke to retire at election

Green MP Keith Locke announced today that he will not run again at the next election, but promised a busy 12th and final year in Parliament.

Key Government succumbs to US pressure over SAS

John Key’s decision to leave SAS troops in Afghanistan despite the long-planned March 2011 withdrawal date is a disappointing concession to pressure from the United States, Green Party defence spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Chinese pressure on NZ politicians concerning

Pressure from the Chinese Government on politicians to boycott a concert by the Shen Yun Performing Arts group is disturbing, Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

Key lets down the Egyptian people

Most New Zealanders have been inspired by the huge mobilisation of Egyptians against the Mubarak dictatorship. “Mubarak must go now” has been the cry from Read More

New approach to minimum wage needed

The procedure for increasing the minimum wage is all wrong. Those on it never know when it might be increased or by how much. It is at the whim of the government of the day. And the National government is quite scrooge-like.