Monthly Archives: May, 2007

Aid boost could finance climate change projects in Pacific

The Green Party has welcomed the increase of New Zealand's overseas aid beyond what was projected in last year's Budget.

Petrol tax should fund rail electrification, not roads

The Greens will be pushing during the fine tuning by Parliament of the new petrol tax for the revenues to be put towards rail electrification and related public transport projects - Green Party Auckland Transport Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

Greens call for inquiry, fresh laws on databases

The Green Party has called for Government to mount an inquiry into the privacy concerns about the oversight of public and private databases that contain information on New Zealand citizens, Green Party MP Keith Locke says.

On human rights, New Zealand needs to clean up its act

Amnesty International's critical report should inspire New Zealand to improve its human rights record, the Green Party says.

Arroyo visit a chance to confront human rights abuses

The Green Party has welcomed reports that Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is attending a conference in New Zealand that is promoting religious and cultural tolerance and understanding.