Woods is the wrong man to investigate dodgy investigations

The Greens didn’t go along with the parliamentary vote for three new part-time members of the Independent Police Conduct Authority. This was because

one nominee was Richard Woods

, the head of the SIS from 1999 to 2006, the man who presided over the Ahmed Zaoui fiasco.


Refugee Status Appeals Authority

had confirmed that Mr Zaoui was a genuine refugee in danger of persecution by the Algerian regime, yet the SIS under Mr Woods wouldn’t accept the verdict.

A member of the IPCA needs to be rigorous, and during his tenure at the SIS Mr Woods signed off

on some pretty shonky evidence

against Mr Zaoui.

The most notorious was a home made tourist video made by Mr Zaoui, that any 12-year-old could see wasn’t the terrorist casing video claimed by the SIS.

Journalist “Bomber” Bradbury did a wonderful spoof on Woods’ take on the video.

The IPCA also needs people who are prepared to put their necks out and go against the grain.

Yet, in Zaoui’s case, Mr Woods was just the opposite, expressing concern that “like-minded” Western governments would react badly if Mr Zaoui was allowed to stay.

Mind you, now Richard Woods is on the ICPA, I hope he proves me wrong and really sticks up for anyone suffering wrongdoing from the Police.