Waihopai: The Spybase, The Wars, The Trial


Wednesday, March 10, 2010 –




St John’s conference centre, corner Willis and Dixon Streets, Wellington

The US spybase at Waihopai was brought into the public spotlight on April 30, 2008 when three Ploughshares peace activists, Sam Land, Adrian Leason and Peter Murnane, deflated one of the two domes concealing its satellite dishes. The activists are now on trial. This event is one of

many events

in the week of their trial. Speakers will discuss Waihopai and how it involves New Zealand in US wars. Speakers are: Murray Horton, Anti-Bases Campaign; Moana Cole, Ploughshares; Bryan Law, Christians Against All Terrorism (Australia); and Keith Locke, Green MP; facilitated by Edwina Hughes, Peace Movement Aotearoa. Organised by Anti-Bases Campaign.