No deal, Mr Bush

The Green Party is urging Helen Clark not to sacrifice this country’s long-held nuclear-free policy on the altar of free trade.

“Helen Clark will be under immense pressure when she meets with President Bush,” Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Keith Locke said today. “But she must not leave even a crack open in the door.”

“We expect the White House to push for what they will portray as a ‘symbolic’ concession in the nuke-free policy.

“Such a concession would indeed be symbolic: it would symbolise the end of our most defining foreign policy stand.”

If this Government is serious about promoting trade, said Mr Locke, they should balance the dubious benefit of a US free-trade deal against the cost of ditching our nuclear free policy, in terms of tourist numbers and trade opportunities.

“Our much-admired ‘clean green’ image is greatly helped by being nuclear-free,” said Keith Locke. “Not only could that image be compromised, but Bush is also likely to try and weaken our stance on GE and our labelling laws, as part of any free trade deal.

“The Green vision of our future sees trade opportunities opening up around the world for produce from an organic nation which is both nuclear free and GE free. Helen Clark should be aware that Mr Bush’s agenda is not in this country’s best interests.”