Head of State opinion piece kicks off debate

I received a good New Year present from the Dominion Post when they published my

opinion piece on the Head of State Referenda Bill

under the title “Hands up for a president of Aotearoa”.  The same piece had earlier been published in the Christchurch Press.

This has kicked off the debate I had hoped around my

Head of State private members bill

, to be debated in Parliament this year, which enables Kiwis to choose between keeping the monarch or moving towards a democratically selected head of state.


discussion on Kiwiblog

has been particularly hot.

I am currently gathering a list of endorsers of the Bill. If you’d like to help, want to help, please

email me


become a supporter on facebook


If you are interested in getting the bill passed at its first reading, please

contact your local MP


write to all MPs

and tell them why.