Govt purchase of Westhaven the best option: Locke

Auckland Green MP Keith Locke is welcoming news that the Government will purchase the Westhaven Marina.

The Ports of Auckland has announced that the Government’s unconditional offer of $52 million is the successful bid for the marina. The intention is to then sell the facility on to the Auckland City Council with a number of conditions attached.

“Many Aucklanders feared that the Marina would land up in overseas ownership, which would put rentals out of the reach of ordinary boaties and restrict public access, so having it secured in public ownership is great news,” said Mr Locke.

“The Government’s conditions on their on-sale to the council will stop the green space around the marina from disappearing into apartment complexes.

“I previously called on Local Government Minister Chris Carter to use his influence to stop the sale of the Westhaven Marina until the new Auckland Regional Holdings (ARH) had taken over the controlling interest in the Ports of Auckland from the outgoing Infrastructure Auckland.

“At that time, ensuring that ARH would at least have the option of holding on to Westhaven seemed the best hope for retaining some type of public ownership. But purchase by the Government itself and eventual ownership by the Auckland City Council is a better alternative,” said Mr Locke.