Don shows he can’t be trusted to keep NZ nuclear-free

The Green Party has slammed Don Brash’s latest comments on how to get rid of New Zealand’s nuclear free policy.

Dr Brash said yesterday that National could repeal New Zealand’s anti-nuclear legislation without a referendum on the issue.

“These latest comments show Dr Brash cannot be trusted to keep New Zealand nuclear-free,” said Green Party Disarmament Spokesperson Keith Locke.

“Dr Brash might claim he is speaking ‘hypothetically’, but why would he even talk about changing the anti-nuclear legislation, without a referendum, if he didn’t see it as a possible course of action?

“A parallel would be the Greens talking ‘hypothetically’ about how to introduce GE crops. New Zealanders would rightly be outraged.

“Dr Brash clearly hasn’t got the bottle to stand up to America’s pro-nuclear blandishments. Right now, on the 20th anniversary of the Rainbow Warrior bombing, Kiwis are feeling proud to be nuclear-free. Dr Brash should get the message,” said Mr Locke.