Beslan – Extending sympathy and deploring terrorism

I wish to endorse the comments made by previous speakers.

The Green Party totally condemns the unspeakable atrocity that has taken place. No political goal can justify sacrificing the lives of hundreds of innocent people, mainly children.

We must help the world community and Russia to track down all of those responsible for this outrageous terrorist act and bring them to justice.

We also have a duty to address the dire situation in Chechnya itself and the ongoing war there where atrocities are committed on both sides with almost total impunity, as Amnesty International points out, which provides a breeding ground for terrorists. We have to support the international agencies like the United Nations Human Rights Committee in ending such practices.

However, on this day or hearts must go first and foremost to the Russian people and in particular the families of those who have died in Beslan in their days of anguish.

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within a few days of 7 September.


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