Follow these simple steps to getting active. For detailed guidelines on specific actions, e.g. running a good stall, organising a successful public meeting, fundraising, etc., pick up a copy of the

Green Action Manual

from your nearest Green office, or e-mail



greens [dot] org [dot] nz

or write to Green Party, Box 11 652, Wellington.

  1. Get involved

    in existing actions e.g. rallies, pickets, vigils, public meetings, peace camps, ”weapons inspections”, fundraising concerts, etc.

    Find out

    if anyone is already organising antiwar actions in your town by checking the Peace Movement Aotearoa website (


    Then –

    • go to organising meetings

      , find out what’s going on, offer to help

    • tell Party members and supporters what is happening

      when, and how they can best get involved (via local e-lists, newsletters and/or phone trees)

    • turn out

      in force to actions and events

    • make/display

      placards, banners, flags, etc with the Green peace-with-justice message.

    • hand out leaflets

      with the Green antiwar message at rallies, public meetings, etc. (Order leaflets and other resources using the Order Form in this Antiwar Action Kit.)

    • set up a stall

      at suitable public events e.g. peace picnics, and hand out Green literature

    • arrange a Green speaker

      (an MP, Councillor, or other suitable Green representative) at rallies and other public events

  2. Organise your own antiwar action

    (s), if nothing is already happening in your town, or if you can do something that will complement what has already been organised. How?

    • get a group together

      to plan actions

    • take the actions above

      — and any more you can think of/do well

    • organise

      meetings, stalls, publicity stunts — for detailed guidelines on how to do this successfully order a copy of the

      Green Action Manual

      from the Green Party, Box 11 652, Wellington.

  3. Write letters and e-mails

    to politicians and the media. See ‘Write a letter for peace’ (over) for what to say, and who to say it to.

  4. Stay informed

    on the issues by subscribing to the weekly Green e-bulletin JustPeace (sample copy enclosed) and regular checking of the websites and papers listed in the ‘Antiwar Information and Action Resource Kit’.