Tibet Petition

Show your support for the Middle Way Approach by printing out this petition, collecting signatures and returning it to the Friends of Tibet.  Many thanks, Keith and Sue.

Become an endorser of the bill

I am engaged in a campaign to get public support for my the Head of State Referenda Bill, in the first instance to assist its passage at the First Reading in Parliament, so that it can then be considered by the Select Committee.

Fahrenheit 9/11 isn’t Just About America

In Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore shows how George W Bush's "War on Terror" is also a war on the civil liberties of Americans.But it's not just "over there" that long-cherished freedoms are being taken away.

Hands up those for a president of Aotearoa – Keith Locke op-ed published in Dominion Post

Are New Zealanders ready to cut royalty adrift and opt for some sort of republican option? Keith Locke explains why we should.


This A5 two sided leaflet shows why the Green Party is so apposed to this war. It also outlines what action we believe the Government should take in order to help bring peace.


First part of the Green Antiwar Action Kit. Follow these simple steps to getting active.

Greens host free bus service to promote public transport

Keith Locke put on a free bus service to promote better public transport as a key contribution to fighting global warming.

Motion in support of Palestinian parliamentarians

Motion calling for the immediate and unconditional release of the Palestinian Speaker Abdelaiziz El-Dweik, the Deputy Prime Minister Naser al-Shaer, and the other arrested Ministers and members of the Palestinian Parliament

Joint Statement for Peaceful Resolution of the Korean Peninsula Nuclear Problem and for a Nuclear-Free World

Asia and Pacific members of the Greens are committed to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the peaceful resolution of the nuclear problem.