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Petrol tax should fund rail electrification, not roads

The Greens will be pushing during the fine tuning by Parliament of the new petrol tax for the revenues to be put towards rail electrification and related public transport projects - Green Party Auckland Transport Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

Greens look to overseas aid budget increase

Thursday's Budget should contain a significant increase in overseas development aid, Green Party Overseas Development Assistance Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

Budget Security: Too Much and Not Enough

I want to address whether this Budget will give New Zealanders a greater sense of security. In one sense it will. Significant financial assistance is to go to poorer people to make them feel more secure, and that is good.

A safer world means more aid, not more spooks

Green MP Keith Locke says the Government has got its priorities badly wrong, with dramatic budget boosts for intelligence agencies but just a miserly increase in overseas aid.

Response to the Budget

New anti-terrorism or security spending comes up in a number of Government departmental budgets.

Budget’s anti-terrorism spending not the answer to global problems

The Greens see almost no new spending in this budget to address the major global problems, such as the growing gap between the very rich and the very poor on our planet, or the huge differences in wea

Budget Speech

I want to talk about the huge amount being spent in the Defence Budget. $1.63 billion.

Defence budget overly weighted with Skyhawks and frigates

Green Party Defence Spokesperson Keith Locke today expressed disappointment at the $671 million dollars in today's budget for Skyhawks and frigates.