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Poor Politics blunts Sex Offender Law

The National-led Government’s poor political process jeopardised a critical law change on sex crimes, the Green Party said today.

Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Amendment Bill — First Reading

The Green Party will be voting against this bill, in line with the report to the House of the Attorney-General, Christopher Finlayson, that this measure is not justified under section 21 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, against

Greens warn against ban on gangs

Green Party MP Keith Locke has warned the Labour Government against any ban on gangs. Corrections Minister Phil Goff has been reported today as being prepared to support a ban similar to that being applied in South Australia, if it ‘proves effective’.

Commissioner’s consultation over Tasers a travesty

Green Party MP Keith Locke says Police Commissioner Howard Broad’s day long consultation with MPs before deciding to introduce Tasers is a travesty. "My high hopes that Mr Broad was serious about hearing MPs have been dashed by this sudden decision," Mr Locke says.

Immigration Bill improved, but still oppressive

Green Party MP Keith Locke has welcomed improvements in the Immigration Bill, reported back to Parliament today, but says it is still oppressive. Mr Locke sat on the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee for hearings on the Bill. The report includes his minority comments on behalf of the Green Party.

Police enthusiasm for pepper-spray needs to be reviewed

Green Party Police Spokesperson Keith Locke wants the Police Commissioner to review the way his officers are using pepper spray. “It is apparent to me that pepper spray was inappropriately used in three separate cases that have come to public attention over the past month,” Mr Locke says.

Canadian taser experience a warning for New Zealand

Green Party MP Keith Locke says the Canadian experience &endash; where police have frequently used tasers well beyond their mandate &endash; should make us wary about introducing tasers here.

Time for review of pepper spray use

Green Party MP Keith Locke is calling for a review of pepper spray use after the death of a Mangere man yesterday.

Locke makes Taser complaint under UN Torture Convention

Green Party Police Spokesperson Keith Locke is asking the Police Complaints Authority to consider whether the introduction of the Taser stun gun would be contrary to New Zealand's commitments under the UN Convention Against Torture.